REST Acupuncture is our primary wellness treatment. It takes place on one of our signature, heated loungers in the open space. With the help of one of our acupuncturists you will choose from a menu of point prescriptions. These treatments have been formulated and chosen for their effectiveness to treat a variety of conditions, while also helping you reach a deep state of relaxation. Although less expensive than private sessions, these options have been developed as a sophisticated but simple solution to enable you to receive relaxation treatments on a regular basis. 

For our frequent flyers we offer membership benefits and discounts. We appreciate your commitment, and would like to make it more affordable for those who want to come frequently and take part in our community. 


REST acupuncture can be your primary therapy, but for those who are interested in something more personalized or have an acute condition that needs addressing, we offer private sessions. These sessions can be combined in a plan with REST treatments, or you may use them regularly to get more personalized therapy. Some conditions that may require private sessions are acute or chronic pain and injury, fertility and pregnancy, colds, flus, skin conditions or digestive disorders. 

*In 1996 the World Health Organization published a report detailing symptoms, diseases and conditions that have been proven to be effectively treated by acupuncture in controlled trials. This list, while comprehensive, is by no means exhaustive in what clinicians use acupuncture for successfully every day. ACUPUNCTURE: REVIEW AND ANALYSIS OF REPORTS ON CONTROLLED CLINICAL TRIALS


New patient acupuncture appointment
75 minutes

Ongoing acupuncture appointments
60 minutes

Coming soon!